Dogecoin Nano is a lightweight Dogecoin wallet that takes advantage of online Block explorer API to query the blockchain while keeping keys local by only sending signed transactions.

Design Philosophy:

  • Lightweight, no blockchain sync.
  • User has access to private keys.
  • Signing is done client side.
  • Small memory footprint.


  • Blockchain queries made through SoChain API, no large download required nor stored.
  • Client side transaction signing, your private key remains private.
  • Lower mandatory minimum fee of 1 dogecoin regardless of number of inputs.
  • Tag Blockchain with a message up to 39 characters using OP_RETURN output.
  • User controlled option to register application for dogecoin: URI handling.
  • Load private key from Clipboard on start, then clears Clipboard.
  • System tray wallet to allows easy access with small memory footprint (under 10MB).


  • No Private key storage, it is up to you to manage your keys. Harder for malware to locate your keys.
  • No coin control and uses all inputs up to maximum 100 for each transaction. In the long run this helps to reduce your overall inputs.
  • Maximum of 100 inputs, reduces your available balance when sending. Consolidate inputs by Sending to your own address.
  • Minimum fee is locked at 1 dogecoin with no scaling based on number of inputs. However 1 dogecoin fee should confirm eventually for up to the 100 maximum inputs, use higher fee at your own discretion for faster confirmation.
  • Does not support old type pay to public key (P2PK), only pay to public key hash (P2PKH, standard dogecoin address) and pay to script hash (P2SH, Multisig) are supported.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Development Halted